Thanks so much for your beautiful and amazing work. The students tremendously enjoyed your presentation and guided demonstration of constellation work. Was such a treat to have you share your deep wisdom, expertise, and knowledge. You have such a fine, clear expertise in the area with such elegant, beautiful interventions.
— A. Wong-JFK University

I have known Meta for five years and for the past three she has assisted me in several of my TRE® trainings. Some of the reasons why I love working with her are because she is mature, reliable and a good communicator.
Meta has a gift for understanding people and group dynamics and for making people feel safe, so her warm presence and support have been a great contribution to my workshops.

I also truly appreciate her commitment to personal growth, her sense of humor and how easy and pleasant it is to be around her.
— M. Alfaro TRE

Working with Meta my anxiety started to decrease and my body feelings became much better and comfortable.

Meta could set up constellations for me and work with me on quite abstract territory, but she could also guide me through very practical TRE exercises. I always found the combination of both to be really, really useful.

Meta has very deep insights about constellations and NLP and lots of experience in working with people. When working with her, she always asked very helpful questions and allowed me to have the experiences I was having without any judgement. I found Meta’s guidance through the TRE exercises extremely helpful.
— C. Kroner, Germany

Meta created a calm, safe environment in which I was able to focus on healing after a long illness. Working with her to learn the TRE practice helped me release stress and tension from the body and begin to build back strength.

Meta brings a knowledge of working with trauma to her work that is especially important when practicing TRE and I always felt safe and comfortable with her.
— G. Hull

As a healer myself, Meta is my go to person when I need NLP or constellation work. She is professional while showing great compassion. I would recommend her to direct you towards healing in the best possible way.
— K. Morgan

Meta recognized what I needed before I did and gracefully walked me into a deep sense of understanding more about my life experiences. After working with Meta I have more clarity about my self-worth and relationship to money. I am grateful for her guidance.
— E. Rabion

In my NLP work with Meta I specifically worked on getting back to exercising with the 1-1 work and did find my ease and was able to exercise more often.
— B. Barany

I think of Meta as ‘Magical Meta’. In my NLP work, she has a way of getting to memories some of which I haven’t thought of in decades and we tease out the meanings my young mind made of them and most importantly the beliefs I generated from them. The beliefs go into my subconscious and they can have disastrous effects when it comes to what I create in my life. After sessions I don’t have to consciously do anything different but things just seem to change as if by magic, hence the nickname Magical Meta. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Some of the memories have been rough to work through, but she is a joy to work with.
— T. King
I think some of the NLP worked! After about 2.5weeks things are different. I’m not a different person I just feel like I’ve been that better version of myself.
— K. Helton
Working with Meta was exciting and felt safe at all times.

Meta facilitated family constellations to illuminate lifelong challenging in my relationship with my mother. As a result of the family constellations that Meta facilitated, I got valuable insight into dynamics of my mother’s family.

I noticed that the family constellation work that I had done with Meta and the understanding that I had gained let me be more patient and compassionate with my mother, which has served both of us well, as it has made our interactions less charged and more loving.
— J. Lang
I attended a constellation evening with Meta, and was lucky enough to have my name drawn from the hat, upon which I had a personal issue constellated in front of me.

Her level of attention to detail was parallel to the level of care and empathy she showed me during the whole process. The constellation was very informative and illuminating; her stance managed to walk a line between helpfully objective/detached and intimately caring. I left feeling more complete and resolved around my issue. I’ve had the pleasure to share company with Meta in other contexts off and on the past couple years; general Meta’s attitude is one of curiosity, appreciation, and deep compassion, and her demeanor is almost always cheerful and upbeat, contagiously so. She’s a true pleasure to be with and work with. Hire her without hesitation
— M. S.
Working with Meta with our Mindfulness sessions has been a wonderful experience. I came to her with a basic understanding of mindfulness as a practice, but she has helped me tremendously in so many ways. I am a law student and initially sought help with severe test taking anxiety, but what I’ve gained in my sessions with her has helped me in my life as a whole, both in and outside of school. Meta is exceptionally patient, and insightful, and has guided me through so many difficult situations both, academically and personally, with kindness, and perspective.

In an academic setting, we have worked on my test taking skills, and learning strategies I can employ while actually in an exam, as well as preparation, and study techniques to help with memorization and information retention. With her guidance (and my hard work), I received the highest score in one of my law classes last semester, and have increased my GPA significantly. Public speaking has never been difficult for me, but those skills have only become stronger and more confident.

In my personal life, she has provided me with the tools to manage the stress of having an extremely sick family member recovering from cancer treatments, and another family member with depression, in addition to fluctuations in my own health.

I look forward to every session I have with Meta, and have shared what she has taught me with others. Since working with Meta, I find I live my life more mindfully, and with more intention. In school, I am able to focus with greater acuity and retain the information more effectively. And in exams, I am able to retrieve all the necessary information without the level of anxious feelings I used to have. At home and in life generally, I am more patient, and I am better able to address and then distance my self from confrontation.

I am so grateful to have found Meta, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— I. Brighten
Great news! I took the GRE and got my dream score! I could not have done it without you - so happy to have worked with you and learned about all the mindfulness/meditation techniques.
— Christina G.
With the mindfulness work the test went better than last time —> I got a 710, which is first time in 700’s. My last score was 660.
— P. Blow
I’ve worked closely with Meta over the last few years and her wisdom and experience as a practitioner, facilitator and teacher are inspiring.

I felt extremely comfortable trusting her with my ancestral trauma, knowing she would address my issues with respect and compassion. My constellation was revealing and transformative; although it’s hard to describe exactly what’s changed, I do feel more hope and a sense of peace.
— S. Pena