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Meta Lackland is a Mindfulness Coach, Transformational NLP Practitioner, Constellation Facilitator, and TRE Trainer & Provider. She works with clients individually and collectively, both online and in-person, helping them:

  • Clarify their outcomes, goals, and desires in life.

  • Master their mental and emotional energies.

  • Revise unconscious limitations such as outdated beliefs and behaviors.

  • Transform unwanted experiences that seem to repeat themselves no matter how hard you try to change.

  • Release & Reset bodily tension, stress, pain, and discomfort; restoring a sense of bodily balance and well-being.  

Over the decades, Meta has integrated (and certified in) multiple modalities of work from different teachers, and formed her unique expression of change work. Her roots include: Family Constellations & Systematic Constellation (Michelle Masters & Carl Buchheit), Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Marin), Tension & Trauma Release (TRE), and Kripalu Yoga, to name a few— all of which she has been certified.

Meta also holds a BS (Anthropology) from the University of Missouri, Columbia. She has presented her transformational work at JFK University, the North American Systemic Constellations Conference, and spoken on stage at events such as; Women of Wellness (WOW), FEM Talks, and New Living Expo.