Family & Systemic Constellations is a transformational group format that assists to resolve, shift, and transform bewildering unwanted experiences in people’s lives— especially those that refuse to budge no matter how much personal growth and self-help work you do:

  • Sadness

  • Loss & Grief

  • Heart-break

  • Failure

  • Anger & Frustration

  • Guilt

  • Emptiness

  • Numbness

— to name a few. Constellations helps unveil the hidden representations, dynamics, and forces that often keep us stuck in (and confused about) these unwanted states.  The work also assists in revising those experiences respectfully, so you can gain more of the experiences you want in life with greater ease and peace of mind.

Whether it is within your personal life, relationships, career, or businesses— constellations serves as a powerful tool to assist you to improve your experience of:

  • Well-being

  • Abundance

  • Happiness

  • Freedom

  • Love

  • Intimacy

  • Personal Power

This is not family therapy.

To experience a constellation for yourself, it involves about 2-hours of time (in-person) in a group setting. As client, you will be interviewed by Meta beforehand (30-minute focus session) to elicit some information about your experience and personal history.

Meta (and you) will then invite individuals to participate as representations of your system. Participants typically sit in a circle, and may (or may not) be called to represent an aspect of the client’s system. The experience will be rewarding, deeply collaborative, and insightful for all involved.

Meta recognized what I needed before I did and gracefully walked me into a deep sense of understanding more about my life experiences. After working with Meta I have more clarity about my self-worth and relationship to money. I am grateful for her guidance.
— E. Rabion
As a healer myself, Meta is my go to person when I need NLP or constellation work. She is professional while showing great compassion. I would recommend her to direct you towards healing in the best possible way.
— K. Morgan
Before I worked with Meta I was stuck for clients, money, stable housing, dental issues, and romance. Through our work together so far we have drastically improved my situation with clients, money, and housing. What I would say to someone considering services with Meta is to really consider constellations for deep seated and epic change in the real world, and NLP for healing internal emotional struggles. My biggest Aha was that change could be simple, easy, and fast, especially with my business constellation and getting clients. Also that our ancestors live in our body, we carry their burdens, and we can be free. That emotional change can happen in one nlp session and be relatively painless.
— A. Eden

About Constellations Work

Family Constellations

Family constellations originally belongs to Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist who spent over 16 years in Africa, and studied the African Zulu phenomenological approach to healing by working with group and system dynamics. In the 1990’s, Bert introduced the work to the world as Family Constellations.

Family Constellations are concerned with the realm of family, generational aspects of family, and the influences they have on the life you are leading today. Family constellations are useful for issues regarding, parenting, romantic relationships, wealth, health, and general well-being.

You can benefit from a constellation if you or your family has experienced the following:

  • Experienced a tragedy, or tragic deaths

  • Early death of family members (Parents, grand parents, great grandparents (death of a child under the age of 17 or death of a parent when the child was under the age of 17)

  • Immigration to a new country

  • Fled a disaster or war

  • Family members served in the military in served in active duty combat

  • Anyone in the family who benefited or lost their home or fortune

  • Family members who suffered disabilities, or cared for someone with disabilities

  • Family members that were institutionalized

Since the 1990s, many brilliant teachers and facilitators of the family constellations work have been birthed, extending his work and its application to all areas of life, including: business, relationships, money, health, socio-economic politics, and systemic reconciliation.

Today, the work is recognized internationally for the profound effects it has had on individuals, groups, commercial & non-commercial organizations.

Systemic Constellations

In Systemic constellations, we work in the realm of outside influences that cause the rifts in our lives beyond just family.  Utilized from years of training/assisting/teaching in the Holographic NLP and Holographic Constellations. systemic constellations can deal with aspects of self, your incarnation, outside influences (entity attachment), and a variety of other aspects not included in family constellations. You may benefit from a systemic constellation if you have experienced the following:

  • You feel at the mercy of outside forces, outside of your control.

  • You feel inexplicably disconnected from yourself.

  • You are out of alignment with parts of yourself, or your higher self, or having a sense of life purpose.

Who Constellations is For

  • You feel you are at a critical transition point in your life, with your relationships, career, business, and your sense of Self.

  • You want to understand why you aren’t getting the change you want in life no matter what you have tried, and no matter how hard you have tried get it.

  • You want to make sense of any inexplicable experiences or behaviours that just don’t seem to be you. E.g. Bouts of anger, depression, rage, deep sadness or the like.

  • You value the opportunity to personally grow and strengthen your relationship with yourself, others, and life itself.

Key Benefits

How these benefits manifest in people’s lives are unique, differing from person to person. However, the changes are often profound, long-lasting, and can continue to unfold for many months.

  • Clarity and confidence to take steps forward in your life.

  • Peace of mind and closure.

  • Release and relieve yourself of unprocessed emotions.

  • Deeper connection and love for yourself and others (friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones).

  • Stronger and more sustainable relationship with money and success.

  • Rapidly decrease your stress level.

  • Enhanced creative expression and flow in life, whether that is in your personal hobbies or your profession.

  • Increased physical and emotional vitality.

How to Get Started

Secure your session for $350 using the booking link below. Constellation sessions are typically 90 -120 minutes in length. The fee includes the constellation session itself and a 30-minute focus session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Family or Systemic Constellations fix all my childhood/adult pain?

No. Constellations provide a systemic and energetic opportunity to experience family members in a different light. Experiences of the past have the opportunity to be seen with compassion, and empathy. After constellations, many clients find relief. Clients may also experience a myriad of emotions (a possible backlog from the past) to be processed. The processing of emotions takes place after the constellation. These emotions, positive or negative are a normal part of the constellation integration process and may take time. Constellations help shift deep embedded patterns.

Will Family Constellations repair my relationships with my mother or father?

Constellations provide an energetic opportunity to experience family and life differently. Constellations provide an understanding on how dysfunctional dynamics echo through generations. While they provide a new energetic connection and a deep sense of belonging, they do not change of the personalities of family members.

I am new to constellations, do I need my family members to be present for it to work?

No. Constellations do not require family members to be present. Constellations are effective with the client’s intention.

Can I bring my child to the Constellation?

Constellations can deal with potentially difficult subjects or dynamics that are not appropriate for children. Children or teenagers are not appropriate for constellation evenings.

My life is falling apart, I need this fixed now! Will my life be fixed from one session?

Human beings are complex creatures. We have our neural-connections that make up our personality. We have our energetic connections of belonging that connect us to our family, and the world. We have our emotional landscape on how we deal with day to day living.  Constellations can provide profound change. Life is complex, and a variety of modalities play a part in change. As human beings, none of us are broken, but we may find ourselves in circumstances that are painful. Your experience, and life can change from constellations. There is a validity in your human experience. Constellations provide an opportunity to connect to the dignity and strength of where you are from, and what makes you uniquely you, instead of the suffering and pain. Individuals can experience profound change from one constellation, or from many. Change takes time.

How do I know if I need a constellation?

On a fundamental level, all children deeply love their parents. Regardless of your childhood or adulthood, some part of us longs to be seen and approved by our parents. There is a full body of work regarding attachment, attachment styles, and how your attachment style affects how you are in the world.

Constellations deal with attachment on a deep somatic, and energetic level. Before constellations, it is not uncommon for folks to experience an interrupted reaching out from their parents. This interrupted reach, fills individuals with grief, anger, anxiety, and/or resentment about life and the world. Constellations provide a deep fundamental opportunity to reconnect, and realign attachment with our attachment style. It heals the bond of our most fundamental relationship, and provides an opportunity to trust.

Many modalities provide frameworks to work with processing the feelings and emotions of this rift. Constellations provide an opportunity to repair and reconnect the attachment style.

To Book Your Session

Contact Meta at meta@coachingbymeta.com to set-up your constellation. Constellation evenings are set-up independent from the session calendar.